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Croatia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sailing regions of Western Europe. Along its vast coast lie many idyllic islands. It is a dream to sail by catamaran from island to island and then to drop anchor in one of the many azure bays. We spend the night in enchanting lagoons or unspoiled harbours. What could be nicer than to wake up in the morning and dive directly from your bed into the azure blue sea, and then to climb back on board where a delicious breakfast and the smell of fresh coffee awaits you!?


The port is located between Zadar Airport and Split Airport. You can embark from 6.00 pm on Saturday.

Course of embarkation and the first evening 

After a first introduction, sufficient provisions are immediately stocked. After the boat has been fully loaded, the sleeping places are divided among the participants. There are 4 double beds. If you register alone, you will share a cabin with one of the other travelers. The first evening we will stay in the harbor and enjoy a delicious dinner in a local restaurant. During the meal we map out a nice route. We take into account the weather for the coming week, and of course the wishes and expectations of the participants. In any case, there are many beautiful destinations along the way!

Beautiful destinations along the way 

One of them is the Blue Lagoon on the island of Drvenik Veli. It is a bay that has not stolen its name! We anchor in the azure blue water, at a wonderful sunset, and take a dip in the invigorating water. We can also sail around the small islands with the dinghy. Another magical destination is the "Secret Bay", opposite the picturesque town of Hvar. We tie ourselves down to a floating buoy, in an idyllic bay, close to a cafe on the beach. We all go to the beach for aperitifs by paddling, swimming and rowing. Split is also very worthwhile. There it is delicious eating out, at a very democratic price. We also put the anchor in a nice bay, near Rogoznica. There we can still enjoy the wonderful water and a beautiful sunset.

Last day and disembarkation 

Friday afternoon we will be back in the marina of departure. The next day, Saturday morning at 8 am, the boat must be completely evacuated. You can take the taxi and / or public transport from there to the airport.


If we often cook on board ourselves, it is best to bring a recipe for 8 people. This way you not only get to know new people, but also new dishes! The costs for food are mutually settled by the participants after the trip. That is usually less than 200 euros per person.


Minimum number of participants: 6
Maximum number of participants: 8
Deadline for registration:
Early bird discount: 15%
949,00 €
49,00 €
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