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Each sailing trip begins where the ship is moored at 5.00 pm on the Saturday of the departure. It ends at 9.00 am on the following Saturday. Obtaining supplies for the voyage is taken care of collectively before we depart. At the start of the sailing week, we get together to discuss and take decisions about the route and the points of interest we want to take in. The costs of flights and getting to the mooring place are borne by the travellers. Are you registering on your own? Then you’ll share a cabin-for-two with one of your fellow voyagers. For breakfast, lunch and dinner: count on needing about €200 in pocket money. After the trip the expenses for food are divided among the participants. For the most part, we do the cooking ourselves on board. So bring along at least one recipe for six to eight people!

Currently, no sailing trips are scheduled. Please come back later.

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